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Tea by Oliver Pluff & Co

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Hand Packaged by Oliver Pluff & Co. in Charleston, South Carolina

Size/Type: 6 Pyramid Style Teabags sealed in

5.25"x5.25" Teabag material is a non-GMO, all natural, plant-based product that is fully biodegradable.

 Hibiscus Mint: Hibiscus steeps to become a refreshingly tart herbal tea, softened by the sweeter peppermint and stevia leaves. The infusion is naturally caffeine-free and may be served hot or iced.

Ingredients: Hibiscus blossoms, peppermint leaves, stevia leaves. ***Our hibiscus was processed in a facility with peanuts. May contain peanut shell remnants.

Young Hyson: Green tea. Made from young leaves that are thinly rolled to have a long, twisted appearance that unfurls when brewed.

Notes: Full-bodied, warm, plum-like tones, spring-like in flavor. Young Hyson (picked in spring) is considered a higher quality tea than Hyson.

Masala Chai: Masala Chai, literally "mixed-spice tea," originated in India, but has become a favorite in tea and coffee houses worldwide. Spicy and strong black tea blend. Served hot or cold, but always creamy and puckeringly sweet. Chai is also sometimes called "spiced black tea."

Ingredients: black tea, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom

Passionfruit Peach: Refreshing large leaf black tea blend. Excellent hot or iced.

Ingredients: Black Tea Leaves, Orange Blossoms, Marigold Blossoms, Passionfruit Peach Flavoring.